September 19, 2007

new ween - woman and man

holy shit! this track off ween's eagerly awaited new album, la cucaracha, fucking cooks...deaner is completely out of control on this ten minute santana send up, & i can't wait to hear the live treatment in about a month...the album is slated for a 10/23, this is not what i was expecting.
download: ween - woman and man

via: this whole post was basically swiped from the great goldenfiddle, who put everything much better than i have.

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rock is dead said...

glad to see ween is still around

Anonymous said...

be sure to check out the last track on the album "your party"

Das Emp said...

YES! I thought I was the only one freaking out over this song. Wonderful stuff, can't wait to see it live.