September 12, 2007

no go

so i'm gearing up for the big wilco/dr. dog show tonight by listening to a lot of appears that no one is opening for the boys from denton at the metro tonight & that they'll most likely be on stage for the all ages audience by 8pm...the same time that wilco will be starting their set across town at the pritzker pavilion...any preconceived notions i had about catching the end of that midlake show are pretty much dead & buried...but instead of sulking, i'm actually feeling a little relieved; i've got great seats with some great people for one of my favorite bands playing a big homecoming show at an incredible venue & instead of looking at my watch all night, wondering if i should skip out on the encore, i can just enjoy the show...& i have zero doubts that it will be the better, with a new album in the works, i know midlake will be back around soon, with more material to draw from...unfortunately, i'm pretty certain that dave will be in my ear immediately after tonight's shows telling me how awesome the one i didn't go to was...hopefully he'll just put it in a post.

download: midlake - head home

related: also involved in tonight's clusterfuck are the arctic monkeys & voxtrot at the riv, oh no! oh my! at the beat kitchen, flosstradamus at subterranean, & george clinton at the house of blues...way to spread it out fellas.

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