October 15, 2007

giddy up

i first saw the ponys about five years ago when they opened up for the dirtbombs at the double door, & mainly went because candace's good friend from work was dating the drummer (they're now engaged)...i had a good time, but really only remember that the dirtbombs did a killer cover of the eurythmics's "missionary man"...since then, i've seen them a handful of times around chicago & have dug all three of their albums quite a bit, so i was expecting a good show when they opened for spoon at the riv last friday, but they were better than good...better than i'd ever seen them, actually...or maybe i was just paying more attention, whatever it was, their fuzzed out noise-pop made my night...spoon, on the other hand, was a bit of a disappointment; they played a lot of songs, & their songs are all really good, but each one seemed to stop just as it got going & they weren't much more than straight takes of the album versions anyways...i guess i was expecting more.

download: the ponys - double vision
download: the ponys - poser psychotic

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