October 15, 2007

people all over the world

finally, the best of soul train has cycled back into the seventies...i mean, the mid to late eighties episodes were worth tivoing for the soul train line, a couple random rosie perez sightings, & a few laughs, but i could hardly make it through a full episode...this weekend's show from 1974 featured jams by martha reeves, al green, herbie hancock, & james brown, plus a line set to earth, wind & fire's "mighty mighty" & a fantastic live (ok, dubbed) performance of "i wouldn't give you up" from ecstasy, passion & pain (as well as performances from sylvia & the moments)...& as always, the smoothest man on television, don cornelius, was leading the way...airing sporadically on wgn (in syndication) every weekend, if you're not tuning in you're really missing out...here's a taste.

download: ecstasy, passion & pain - i wouldn't give you up
download: earth, wind & fire - mighty mighty

related: don cornelius commissioned gamble & huff to write the theme to soul train in 1974 & it became a hit single for mfsb (ft. the three degrees) that same year, but the three degrees's own version (with one obvious vocal addition) is what's currently being used on the best of soul train.

download: mfsb - t.s.o.p. (the sound of philidelphia)
download: the three degrees - t.s.o.p. (the sound of philidelphia)

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