October 31, 2007

monster parties: fact or fiction?

while flipping through last week's onion, i was a little disappointed when i came upon the a.v. club's 14 songs about vampires feature & didn't see neil young's "vampire blues", from his 1974 masterpiece on the beach listed...yeah, i guess the song's really about oil, but it's got the word vampire in the title, so i thought i'd post it here for halloween...the blogosphere has been crawling with halloween related songs for the past week or so, a couple sites like ghost town & armagideon time have even dedicated the entire month to the holiday, but i'm throwing up a few other tracks i thought you might enjoy anyways...happy halloween.
related: one of the best halloween costumes i've ever seen was at a sunday night bears game a few years back, where some guy my brother knew was dressed up like teen wolf...it was right on, with the wolf costume, long hair & headband, painted face & beard, socks pulled up, yellow beavers uniform #42 (what kind of number is that for a high school point guard?), everything was amazing...& the fact that the guy was only about 5'3'' was icing on the cake...teen wolf has to be one of the funniest movies of the 80's (intentional or not), & i was excited to see ghost town include a tune from the soundtrack in their halloween posts...the best song in the movie however, is without question, mark safan's "win in the end" which accompanies the ridiculous final game montage...i was floored a couple years ago when i heard my friend ben singing this song word for word to himself as he walked out of his kitchen, he recently sent me this link, which is almost as good as the song.
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Jordy said...

That may be the funniest Mr. Show sketch of all time. Well done.