November 1, 2007

a massive night

the hold steady took the stage last night dressed as banditos, in mustaches, ponchos & cowboy hats, & proceeded to terrorize the sold out metro crowd with a rollicking & chaotic set that pretty much solidified them, in my eyes, as the best straight up rock n roll band working today...the show was being recorded for a live album, & there were cameras rolling from all angles, but i think it'd be hard to capture just how much energy these guys generate from their fans (there were enough sing alongs & hand claps to make jeff tweedy's head spin)...the costumes were shed pretty early on, beginning with craig tossing his hat into the crowd only a couple bars into the the second song, which was right around the same time tad puked on stage (i'm almost positive this happened), but the intensity level was through the roof the entire night, even when the band previewed two new songs, both of which were great (especially "lord i'm discouraged"), all eyes were on the stage...& as always, they seemed to be having just as much fun as we were...they let us know it too, as many times as craig finn has probably uttered the line "there is so much joy in what we do" before diving into "killer parties", it will always sound sincere...anyways, if there was one thing i was expecting on halloween & didn't get, it was a couple cover songs (like the ones below), but looking back, the setlist was excellent & the show couldn't have been better...chicago definately didn't seem tired last night.
stuck between stations
the swish
chips ahoy!
hot soft light
massive nights
party pit
ask her for some adderall
barfruit blues
modesto is not that sweet
same kooks
chillout tent
you gotta dance (with who you came to the dance with)
lord i'm discouraged
you can make him like you
your little hoodrat friend
southtown girls
first night
girls like status
killer parties

download: the hold steady - hey hey what can i do (led zeppelin cover)
download: the hold steady - american music (violent femmes cover)
download: the hold steady - against the wind (bob seger cover)

related: we ran into miguel from catfish haven at the art brut after party (he'd just finished a set of misfits covers over at the double door) & he was very enthusiastic about his favorite band from cmj, drug rug...check 'em out.

download: drug rug - tiny people
download: drug rug - day i die
related: speaking of cmj, you can listen to the hold steady's live performance on kexp, recorded during the festival, here.

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