November 9, 2007


when i saw lucero at an all ages show at the metro last year, i was a little taken back by all the youngsters running around...i'd say the majority of the audience was still in high school, & i hate to say it, but it kind of took me out of the show (granted, we showed up late, & pretty drunk, from an alejandro escovedo gig across town, but it was still surprising)...anyways, tonight's show with bobby bare jr. is 18 & over & well worth the $14 it'll cost you to get in...although i wasn't that into bare's latest release & haven't paid as much attention as i probably should have to the last couple lucero albums, both acts know how to put on a killer show & will treat the metro audience to a great time (even though they're probably better suited for the empty bottle or the beat kitchen)...i probably would have been even more excited for this show a few years back, but you don't get a much better bill for down home are a few tracks from two of my favorite albums of 2002.

download: lucero - sweet little thing
download: lucero - nights like these
download: bobby bare jr. - i'll be around
download: bobby bare jr. - dig down

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Eric said...

As someone who attended this show, I have to say that Bobby Bare slayed and Lucero was piss drunk by the end of their set. Good times. Made even better by the shared keyboard player assisting both Bare and Lucero. Who was that guy?