November 9, 2007

new jason collett

Arts & Crafts is set to release the third collection of new songs by Jason Collett. The new album, titled Here's To Being Here, will be released throughout North America on February 5, 2008. Here's To Being Here captures the essence of Jason's live performances and features the energy and musicianship of his touring band, Paso Mino. "This is very much a guitar record, in the sense of it being very tasteful...that's the greatest accomplishment of this record" says Collett, "recording in bigger spaces and live off the floor was the ideal I wanted to shoot for with this record. Recording this way allowed for spontaneous creations, which led to many wonderful little accidents." Here's To Being Here was recorded and produced in Collett's hometown of Toronto, ON, by musician/producer Howie Beck. The album also features guest performances by fellow Broken Social Scene member and Apostle of Hustle front man Andrew Whiteman, as well as Tony Scherr (Norah Jones, John Scofield), Liam O'Neil (The Stills) to name a few. -arts & crafts

nice...i was a big fan of collett's last solo effort, idols of exile...really good roots-based rock...& the two new tracks that arts & crafts are offering up are just as good...collett will be in town next saturday opening for feist at the riv...pretty sure it's sold out.

download: jason collett - out of time
download: jason collett - charlyn, angel of kensington
download: jason collett - we all lose one another (idols of exile)
download: jason collett - i'll bring the sun (idols of exile)

related: collett's label mates, apostle of hustle, are playing the metro tomorrow night with do make say think...both bands recent albums are really good & apostle of hustle's contribution to the forthcoming huey lewis tribute is great...especially the "i'm alone with you" part around the 2:50 mark...the compilation also features performances from catfish haven, will johnson, & oh no! oh my!, among a diehard huey lewis fan (my very first concert was the news at alpine valley in 1986) it's great to see him getting a little attention, even if it did start out as a joke.

download: apostle of hustle - national anthem of nowhere
download: do make say think - in mind
download: apostle of hustle - i wanna new drug (huey lewis)
download: oh no! oh my! - finally found a home (huey lewis)

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kate said...

interview with Jason Collett

interesting.. he's a little long winded but has good stories about touring and BSS. check it.