November 20, 2007

bill murphy

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check out bill murray's tiger beat questionnaire from the movies rock supplement that came with the latest issue of vanity fair...then go read jessica lee jernigan's phenomenal 1999 interview with him, in which he opens up about french clowns & elvis presley (via the apartment)...speaking of elvis, here are a few tracks from his greatest album, 1969's from elvis in memphis.

download: elvis presley - wearin' that loved on look
download: elvis presley - i'm movin' on
download: elvis presley - in the ghetto

related: murray's little shop of horrors co-star & fellow comedic icon, steve martin, is releasing his critically praised memoir, born standing up, passage even recalls martin's backstage vegas encounter with elvis, in which the king told him "son, you have an ob-leek sense of humor"...also receiving critical praise, saturday night live's stage show at the ucb theatre this past weekend, which was put on to raise money for the snl crew workers who were laid off because of the writers strike.
related: the playlist has the full rundown of movies rock's 50 greatest soundtracks (teen wolf ain't on it), while goldenfiddle is offering the issue's celebrity musician blindfold test with david cross & demetri martin.

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candace said...

too bad steve isn't doing a book signing here in chicago.