November 4, 2007

after hours it was coo


My basic attempt at weekly Canary appearances have been failing miserably. But no complaining or excuses, since I’m here now let’s give the LC a much needed dose of hip hop. A few recent trips to LA warranted some great scores via the west coast TTL storefront and Amoeba. Look for some follow-up heaters here soon.

The selections below are from DJ Platurn off his Best of ATribe Called Quest. Some really amazing re-edits and deep digs on the samples.

In Trese (below), the sample used for "After Hours", off People's Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm, is from the Richard Pryor track "Crap Game", which appeared on the 1976 Richard Pryor Meets Richard & Willie and the SLA. Maybe a better google-er than I can find the full sample listings off Platurn's disc but the samples below in Ocho + Dose were a couple of my faves.

Platurn's similar treatment with De La Soul is also highly recommended.

Download: Tribe - Ocho
Download: Tribe - Dose
Download: Tribe - Trese

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