November 19, 2007

the pointer sisters

great episode of soul train this past weekend...going back to the fifth season & featuring performances from the pointer sisters, bt express & michael from good also had a soul train line set to an isley brothers tune for like the 5th week in a row...anyways, the most intriuging aspect of the episode was the pointer sisters, who before neutron dancing their way through the eighties were all about long funky fact, both songs performed on the show, off 1975's steppin', are seven minutes plus...if your only exposure to the group is the beverly hills cop soundtrack, please check these out.

download: the pointer sisters - going down slowly
download: the pointer sisters - how long (betcha' got a chick on the side)

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related: can't bring up the pointer sisters without bringing up their definitive version of the legendary allen tousaint's "yes we can can" (toussaint also penned "going down slowly)'s the first track off their first album & easily the best thing they ever recorded...this song is so fucking good.

download: the pointer sisters - yes we can can

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candace said...

what a flashback! that will be in my head all night...