December 6, 2007

the leather canary xmas mix #3

dewey cox & the hard walkers are playing a sold out show in town tonight, not sure if they'll bust out anything from it's a cox christmas!, but if that's the kind of music you want to hear, check out our third holiday mix which includes tracks by the staple singers, clarence carter, rotary connection ("oh, the streets of chicago need love") & harry nilsson...hope you like it.

download: the leather canary xmas mix

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related: i can see how the harry nilsson track above may not seem like an average christmas song...even though it has "christmas" in the title, the actual holiday is never really mentioned in the lyrics & it's good enough to stand on it's own, without being stamped with the christmas label...whatever, here are a couple other songs that many may associate with the holidays, but i think stand on their own, outside the month of, none of them have any bells in them & probably wouldn't have worked in the mixes.
download: jeff tweedy - so much wine (08/16/06)


patrad said...

i want to see some of the hilariously awful moe christmas tracks on vol. 4

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leather Canary, and happy holidays!

lefiath said...

Thanks and merry christmas this year too :)