December 7, 2007

stephen malkmustache & the jicks

news of the tracklisting & release date (03/04/07) for the upcoming stephen malkmus & the jicks album, real emotional trash, spread across the blogosphere yesterday afternoon (via pitchfork) & i couldn't be more, to get you in the mood for that three month wait, here's the four track session the band did for bbc radio one back on 10/03/ includes the first track off the new album in which malkmus tries to "channel an ozzy osborne type of singing", as well as a couple tunes from face the truth & a liquid cross cover...good stuff.

download: 01. dragonfly pie (shake me off the knife)
download: 02. baby c'mon
download: 03. for you
download: 04. mama

previously: "malkmus madness"
related: coincidentally, silver jews, of which malkmus is a sometime member, also announced their new album's tracklisting & release date (well, late april's not really a date, but still). (via pitchfork)

unrelated: wilco has announced their spring tour...tweedy will also be performing one last solo show at the vic on 01/26 to raise funds for youth scholarships before heading out on the are already on sale, but they'll cost you $100 a piece. (via pitchfork)

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