January 24, 2008

buy early get now #5

matador's done this before (4 times actually), but if you haven't heard yet, the new jicks record, real emotional trash, which gets an official release on march 3, is now available as part of the label's "buy now get early" offer...& here's what's included...

- Stream of the entire album on the Buy Early Get Now site NOW
- 1 b-side exclusive to this promotion NOW
- Full live show recorded on December 21, 2007 at Doug Fir in Portland
- All other b-sides and/or exclusive tracks related to this record (posted on the BEGN site 90 days after street date.)
- Poster for "Real Emotional Trash" (to be picked up or shipped on street date - Tues. March 4th. with the record.)

if you're planning on buying the album anyway...& you should in my opinion, it's heavy on the jams (a la pig lib), & keeps getting better with each listen...then there's nothing but upside involved in this deal...but if you're a shadeball, who lacks moral fiber, & is looking for mp3s to post to his blog, then you probably already snatched up a copy of the album when it leaked about a month ago (ahem)...either way, real emotional trash is definitely worth your time...& it'll gear you up for those live shows coming up in a couple months.

download: stephen malkmus & the jicks - out of reaches
download: stephen malkmus & the jicks - gardenia


m said...

avoid matador's buy early get now program. i purchased the new pornographers under this deal and everyone is still waiting for all the content they promised to be available. otherwise a huge fan of matador and their roster but they need to work on delivering what they promise in a more reasonable amount of time.

Anonymous said...

i had the same experience. lost interest when i realized i had to keep going back to the site after 3 weeks to get new content