January 24, 2008

1.21 gigawatts!

just scooped this up over at cause=time...a considerably less electronic track than expected from neon neon's upcoming album, stainless style...the project between super furry animals frontman gruff rhys & experimental producer boom bip that happens to be inspired by engineer & drug-trafficker, john delorean (who's eponymous ride hit 88 like nobody's business in the twin pines parking lot back in '85)...anyway, it's easy to hear the influence in "i told her on alderaan", which has a very 80's new wave kind of vibe...think men at work's "who can it be now?" with the horns replaced by a synthesizer...good stuff, but it's a little lighter than the other tracks i've heard from the duo, which have been the beat laden jams you'd count on from those who collaborate with spank rock & har mar superstar...also, if you haven't already checked it out, the boom bip mixtape that pitchfork posted a few months ago (featuring cuts from neon neon, as well as neil young, paul mccartney, & prince) is still available for download & you can listen to their session from bbc radio 1 this past monday here...the album drops on march 18th.

related: also of note, hey venus!, the latest from super furry animals, which has been available digitally since august, got a proper stateside release this week...more 60's psychedelic folk than 80's electro pop, but definitely worth checking out.

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Craig said...

Trick for Treat is hot track

Thanks DG