January 23, 2008

the whigs - mission control

amidst the sudden rash of anticipated albums that were released yesterday, i seem to be dragging my feet more than normal...& as i ponder half-assed posts for underwhelming (or hopefully just under-listened-to) offerings from cat power & black mountain, i've found myself unconsciously replaying the much hyped new album from the whigs all day..."unconsciously", i think, is the key word there, because after repeated listens i still haven't given much thought to why i like these guys, or if i even really do...maybe they just sound familiar, like the kind of garage pop they were playing on alternative radio stations when they first started calling themselves alternative radio stations...whatever, the album's called mission control, the whigs will be playing schubas on 02.09.

download: the whigs - right hand on my heart
download: the whigs - i got ideas

unrelated: i've heard a couple people compare the whigs to my morning jacket...i really don't hear it...regardless, the drunkard got jim james to participate in his off the record series...jim james is kind of a lunatic.

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Anonymous said...

You know what I hear? First two Frank Black solo records. And that rules!