January 25, 2008

fleetwood mac - bare trees

i've been on a pretty ridiculous fleetwood mac kick for the past seven or eight months, usually digging into rumours or tusk or even tango in the night about every couple weeks...i'm not quite sure what the deal is, i guess i never really got into them that much before, but lately i can't get enough...i mean, why has it taken me so long to recognize that rumours is probably one of the greatest albums ever...anyway, i've recently been wrapped up in 1972's bare trees, which was released during the band's danny kirwan/bob welch period (buckingham/nicks wouldn't arrive for a couple more years) & am really loving it...the band was still hanging on to traces of their blues influence from the peter green years, but also starting to show signs of the soft rock powerhouse they'd soon become...here are a few tracks that showcase each of the three songwriters from the album; kirwan, welch & christine mcvie.

download: fleetwood mac - bare trees
download: fleetwood mac - sentimental lady
download: fleetwood mac - spare me a little of your love

related: bob welch actually had a hit with "sentimental lady" when he re-recorded it for a solo album in 1977...on the new (& in my opinion, inferior) version, he was backed by mick fleetwood, lindsay buckingham & christine mcvie.

download: bob welch - sentimental lady

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trampus said...

We were playing this at work today when someone mentioned the Bob Welch-era Mac!!

So glad to see someone else had Bare Trees on their mind.