January 25, 2008

kevin drew b-sides

went searching for a couple kevin drew b-sides this morning (on the advice of pop headwound), & came across a treasure trove over at cannadiction...b-sides, unreleased tracks, & untitled live songs, not to mention a ton of stuff from other broken social sceners...check it out...anyway, here are the b-sides from "tbtf" & "backed out on the...", both of which are pretty fantastic...i wouldn't go as far to say either one is "better than anything from the actual album", but i'd definitely put them alongside the songs of spirit if...

download: kevin drew - one night man
download: kevin drew - love 5


James said...

Hadn't heard "One Night Man" - thanks.

Choquolage said...

I've been looking for these a long time, thanks! Now all I need is the truly unfindable Exhaust Pipe Remix of 'Canada vs. America'.