January 9, 2008


buddy guy is already a few nights into his annual january residency down at legends, his south loop club here in chicago, & while all the friday & saturday shows have been sold out since november, it appears that there are still tickets available for a couple thursdays & sundays coming up...i saw one of these shows a few years ago & it was a pretty amazing experience...the place only holds around 400 people (max), with just a handful of tables & a tiny stage that's maybe a foot off the ground (if that)...buddy spends most of the night playing right in the crowd & on the night i saw him, he even walked over to the bar in between songs & ordered a drink...the club is relocating later this year (most likely, to a larger, cleaner venue), so if you've got the means, it's definitely worth checking out this legend in his natural habitat, maybe for the last time...here are a few songs from a 1972 album buddy recorded with the late, great junior wells entitled buddy guy & junior wells play the blues...it was produced by eric clapton, tom dowd & ahmet ertegun, & clapton plays rhythm guitar throughout (save for a couple tracks cut with the j. geils band)...dr. john also shows up to play piano on "t-bone shuffle", but you can hardly hear him over buddy.

download: buddy guy & junior wells - a man of many words
download: buddy guy & junior wells - my baby she left me (she left me a mule to ride)
download: buddy guy & junior wells - t-bone shuffle

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redeye samurai said...

"...maybe for the last time"?! Shameful! His rib tips are amazing.