January 8, 2008

or, the whale

how in the world did i completely overlook or, the whale for so long...cause=time was singing their praises way back in june...the san francisco septet plays catchy, countrified indie rock that utilizes the pedal steel & four-part harmonies to achieve a nice front porch sound...plus their band name was voted one of the worst of 2007 by the av club...their self released debut album, light poles & pines, is great from beginning to end & definitely worth checking out...they've got a blog, too.

download: or, the whale - call and response
download: or, the whale - fixin' to leave
download: or, the whale - fight song


Jerom said...

It's great!!
It's Like Byrds + Coral...

dg said...

Triple Whammy Bonus - they are an Amoeba certified Home Grown Artist !

Timothy said...

i love them. i just the 1900's with stevie jackson (belle & sebastian). they we're amazing.