February 11, 2008

get it up

only caught a little bit of the grammys last night, but from what i saw it seemed to be pretty brutal...besides jason bateman's hilarious presentation of some contest involving the foo fighters & john paul jones ("of led zeppelin for the morons"), the only saving grace seemed to be the reunion of morris day & the time & their performance with rihanna (i scoured the internet in search of clips from mr. day's award worthy appearances in both moving & the adventures of ford fairlane, but came up empty)...here's the fantastic lead-off track from the time's 1981 self-titled debut.

download: the time - get it up

related: i flipped back at one point in the night to catch the end of some gospel medley featuring aretha franklin, breathtaking in a form fitting yellow gown (seriously, who let's her wear this stuff?), that culminated in a rendition of "old landmark" that probably would have benifited from the high flying church folk that accompanied james brown's version in the blues brothers...all churches should come equipped with trampolines, i think.

download: aretha franklin - old landmark
download: james brown - old landmark

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