February 9, 2008


Milwaukee cats rejoice. Canary pal and self described Skee-E-O has come correct with the first of many local tavern installs of your favorite miniature wooden ball game from back in the day. Only now tickets won for a high score are good for free beers instead of a plastic backscratcher or coin purse with a Charles Cheese logo on it.

Personally my most vivid memories as a shorty of the pizza parlor gamery were losing my velcro wallet in the ball pit every time i dove in and the first time i saw a dude use a flat plastic comb over a button on a video game to allow for maximum clicking speed (think it was Track and Field).

Hit up the G-Daddys BBC off North Ave to get your game on and keep an eye out for more coming to a watering hole near you.

Download: Ahmad - Back in The Days (Jeep Mix)
Download: Pavement - Roll with the Wind
Download: Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Games and Things

1 comment:

amy said...

when in NYC, check out Crocodile Lounge for skee ball and free pizza... yum. Biondi only goes for the pizza though,