February 8, 2008


for some reason, up until very recently, i had completely passed on mgmt's much hyped debut, oracular spectacular (great title by the way)...both when it was making the rounds digitally last year & when it finally recieved an official release last month...i don't know why, whenever i ignore an act that everyone seems to be talking about, i usually end up kicking myself in the end...& that's what's happened with these guys...i guess i was just expecting a lot of electronic beeps & buzzes, not the fully structured pop songs that appear on the album...granted, not every track immediatly stands out, but the ones that do are pretty great...mgmt are opening for yeasayer tonight at schubas, so show up early.

download: mgmt - weekend wars
download: mgmt - kids


butter team said...

was just thinking the same thing this week when I finally got the album...and to think I actually tried to show up late to an of montreal show so I could skip the openers (these guys). lame.

redthreat said...

wow, i like these guys. it's cool to see someone else covering chicago! cheers. wanna exchange blogrolls?