February 21, 2008

music of many colors

back in 1980, while touring nigeria, roy ayers (of america) hooked up with fela kuti (of africa) for this incredibly funky two-sided workout that blends touches of jazz-fusion & disco into the afrobeat formula...each artist takes the lead on one of the tracks, with ayers & his boys fronting fela's already full band on the driving "2000 blacks got to be free", & then stepping back a little before adding vibes to the more straightforward beats of "africa, center of the world"...don't even attempt to sit still while listening to these.
related: still somewhat fixated on wilco, i thought it was pretty hilarious when jeff tweedy told rolling stone a few years ago that the band was listening to a lot of fela kuti in preperation for their next album...sky blue sky screams afrobeat.

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mmmm...afro beat