February 21, 2008

winter residency (night 5)

last night's show at the riv closed out wilco's five night stretch in chicago & as fans, we couldn't have asked for any more...they left a decent amount of rarities on the table, but came through on their promise to play every track from an official album & really put on a few of the best shows i've ever seen from them...highlights from last night; the instrumentation & extra layers andrew bird & the total (tonal?) pros horn section brought to songs like "pieholden suite" & "blood of the lamb", both were absolutely amazing...listening to tweedy call "i thought i held you" "total dogshit, one of the worst songs ever" & then mocking his own lyrics ("i'm like a songwriter/you're the reason i've run out/run out of metaphors"), i still thought it sounded great...mikael finally stepping up during "the thanks i get", his organ overpowered the horns & the responsive audience...hearing the beginning of "red-eyed & blue" & knowing the next couple songs were going to get rowdy, without question these segments were my favorite parts of the week, i kind of feel bad for those who only went friday or tuesday & didn't get to see songs like "i got you", "monday" & "casino queen" (stirratt was even jumping off speakers last night during "i got you")...also, the drone during "less than you think" was surprisingly captivating, especially when the crowd noise reached the levels coming out of the speakers as the band walked off stage...& i couldn't think of a better way to end these shows than last night's "dreamer in my dreams", it was just so fucking good...if you've found my gushing a little annoying over the past couple days (dg), you can finally rest easy that these shows are over...at least until, as tweedy said last night, they come back to do it again next year...it really was a phenomenal run...here's the final setlist.

sunken treasure
one by one
shouldn't be ashamed
you are my face
side with the seeds
pot kettle black
war on war
pieholden suite (w/ andrew bird & horns)
muzzle of bees (w/ andrew bird)
it's just that simple
i thought i held you
what light (w/ horns)
when you wake up feeling old
summer teeth
jesus, etc. (w/ andrew bird)
walken (w/ horns)
via chicago
blood of the lamb (w/ andrew bird & horns)
can't stand it (w/ andrew bird & horns)
box full of letters
heavy metal drummer
hate it here (w/ andrew bird & horns)
the thanks i get (w/ andrew bird & horns)
just a kid
red-eyed & blue (w/ andrew bird)
i got you (at the end of the century) (w/ andrew bird)
casino queen
i'm a wheel
less than you think (w/ andrew bird)
i'm the man who loves you (w/ horns)
dreamer in my dreams (download)


Jillian said...

Sorry I missed it. Thanks for inviting me though to one of the nights Danny!

candace said...

I can't believe they played Just a Kid! I love that song.