February 20, 2008

winter residency (night 4)

another great show last night, with another distinct vibe, emphasized mostly by the yankee hotel foxtrot era noise-rock that showed up in the first set along with a pair of rarely played summerteeth tracks...even though the repeats are flowing steadily now, it's been interesting how the band's created completely unique experiences for each show...personal highlights; the heavy distortion filled guitars during "impossible germany", "handshake drugs", & "spiders" (holy shit), the total pros horn section stood out more in the second set last night than any of the previous nights, especially on "the thanks i get", & tracks like "war on war", "poor places", & "i'm a wheel" sounded so good last night, i feel like i've taken them for granted at past shows...there's only a handful of album tracks that have yet to be played ("shouldn't be ashamed", "i thought i held you", "pieholden suite", "less than you think", "what light") but there's quite a few b-sides, bonus songs & mermaid avenue material that hasn't been touched...can't wait to see what the band's got planned for tonight...here's the setlist from last night.

outta mind (outta site)
i must be high
impossible germany
radio cure
leave me (like you found me)
company in my back
handshake drugs
war on war
shake it off
summer teeth
in a future age
a shot in the arm
poor places
spiders (kidsmoke)
on and on and on
hotel arizona (download)
too far apart
(was i) in your dreams (w/ horns)
someday soon
california stars
hate it here (w/ horns)
the thanks i get (w/ horns)
walken (w/ horns)
i'm the man who loves you (w/ horns)
i'm a wheel (w/ horns)
outtasite (outta mind)
the late greats (w/ horns)

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