February 16, 2008

winter residency (night 1)

despite being a little overcrowded (get there early tonight), last night's opening show of wilco's five night chicago residency was a blast & will definitely be hard to beat (hopefully, i'll be saying that after each night)...a few highlights; the horns on "can't stand it", nels' playing throughout, but especially at the end of "ashes of american flags", "spiders" transformation into a house groove, & a beautiful rendition of "cars can't escape"...also, the band walked out to the theme from the bob newhart show, which i thought was pretty comical...here's the setlist, confirmed by greg kot...can't wait to see what's in store for tonight.

a shot in the arm
side with the seeds
you are my face
i am trying to break your heart
pot kettle black
at least that's what you said
what's the world got in store
when the roses bloom again
airline to heaven
ashes of american flags
either way
jesus, etc.
too far apart
can't stand it (w/ horns)
sunken treasure
spiders (kidsmoke)
far, far away
why would you wanna live
impossible germany
sky blue sky
please be patient with me
cars can't escape (download)
hate it here
walken (w/ horns)
i'm the man who loves you
heavy metal drummer
outtasite (outta mind)


candace said...

that is an impressive long set list...hope their energy continues for the nights to come.

Sachin said...

Solid set-list and am curious to know how they plan on following that up. disappointed I missed Impossible Germany and Spiders...

Dan said...

are they really not gonna repeat anything?

dc said...

obviously there will be repeats if they're playing 30 songs a night...& i'm guessing spiders & impossible germany will be among them (sachin)...but after last night, it looks like they'll be digging deeper into their catalog from here on out.

TJ said...

where did you find that picture?