March 9, 2008

Day Party RSVP +1 Showcase After Party

The madness begins in less than a week. Be sure to check out Julio at Cause = Time who has posted a large amount of the party flyers that have been flooding inboxes over the last couple weeks and have our brains ready to implode.

Clicking on the labels (day or night) should have you adequately prepared for Austin. There are a few other "master blaster" lists that are supposedly being finalized and published soon which we'll post as available. The big question is, what band will Julio catch me "gushing" about this year?

If you are looking to ease into the weekend maybe kick it off by checking out the Lou Reed film about the 1973 album
Berlin or the slew of other music flicks showing down in Tejas.

What's that, you didn't get a flight to Austin like we told you to? Grab a few pals and drive down !

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