March 28, 2008

dual hawks

the forthcoming centro-matic/south san gabriel split double lp, dual hawks, won't be released stateside until june 3rd (wtf, it hits europe on april 14), but will johnson & co. have done us a solid by streaming select cuts from both sides on each outfit's respective myspace pages (here & here)...& judging from the few centro-matic tracks available, the band seems to be picking up right where they left off with 2006's phenomenal ft. recovery...i'm not as familiar with the south san gabriel stuff (which employs most of the same clientele as centro-matic), it's a much softer affair & sounds nice enough, but from where i'm sitting it's all gravy compared to what's on the other part of the's a track i grabbed from i am fuel, you are friends earlier this week, not sure where she got it, but it's probably a good sign we won't have to wait until june to hear the rest of the album.

download: centro-matic - i the kite
unrelated: the drunkard has posted the entire (zipped) m.ward/jim james acoustic show from st. david's church at sxsw this year...there was a line through the parking lot to get into this that only moved when people got out of it...unfortunately, dg & i stood at the end of that line for about two minutes before deciding to move on...nice that we all get a chance to hear it now, though.

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dg said...

st davids church show - nice find.... ahh memories of the long walk from there to the diesel u party