March 30, 2008

Swedish Saturday

Lens Lekman treated Milwaukee to an incredible performance this past Saturday at The Pabst Theater. From the first guitar and vocal chords that resonated through the Theater we knew this was going to be a special performance from start to finish. He capped the show with a phenomenal hushed and pristine version of "The Cold Swedish Winter".

Gotta love Jens. He always tells it like it is whether discussing his hairdresser, an asthma apparatus or dinners in Berlin. Be sure to check Muzzle of Bees and Timedoor for full reviews, set lists and more photos from both the MKE and the Madison show.

Much love and props as always to the photos from Cee Jeezey. See more of his concert photos and work at

Download: Jens Lekman - The Cold Swedish Winter(live)

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Thanks for plugging Timedoor! I'll put a link up a link to your blog.