March 31, 2008

opening day

so, the cubs begin their quest for the team's first mlb championship in 100 years today against the hated brewers in the earliest home opener in franchise history...granted, it's a long season, but right now is usually when cubs fans are at their most optimistic & as we wait for the rain clouds to part & make way for the first pitch of 2008, you can't help but feel that next year is finally here...oh, who am i kidding, it's the fucking cubs, the game will probably be rained out...still, it was extra hard making it to work this morning, as i passed through wrigleyville & saw the crowds of people heading into bars & restaurants to gear up for the start of the new season...many of them are probably blacked out by now, as i'm sitting here in my shitty office waiting to follow the game on my shitty computer...sorry, as a cubs fan i felt i had to complain about something...let's go cubs!

download: steve goodman - when the cubs go marching in (live)


patrad said...

go crew!!

P. said...

the brewers play...spring is upon us.