March 20, 2008

south by pt. II

We are now moderately back to normal and believe to have shook the mental and physical SXSW hangover. Considering the amount of High Life and Sparks Plus we drank, glad we took would be tough to remember our travels without them. As dc noted, Dark Meat is a winner and was the only band we managed to see twice. Aside from these ramblings The Daily Swarm has a good amount of in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the Austin action last week.

Other notables were: Call Me Lightning at Mohawk (best spot in Austin !), Earl Greyhound at Vice Bar, Howlin' Rain at Vice Saves Texas, Saul Williams at The Fader Fort, Port O Brien at The Diesel Party, Parts and Labor at Mohawk, The Young Gays and Cool Kids at Blender, and my personal favorite and new love found love interest Santogold (with dancers).

More pics here.

Download: Santogold - Shove it

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