March 20, 2008

south by

been a rough week over here, dragging my feet after austin, trying to catch up on missed work, & gearing up for two of the best days of the year all at once (time to make back all that money i spent last weekend)...still, i feel i should at least try to recap the ridiculousness that was sxsw, so real quick, here are a few personal highlights; the lou reed tribute at fadar fort was fantastic (especially thurston moore's performance), black mountain really surprised me with their depth at mohawk thursday night (i was just expecting a ton of feedback), the bon iver-fleet foxes-yeasayer lineup for the pitchfork party may have been the best 1-2-3 of the weekend, & catching franz nicolay play the accordion on a street corner afterwards was pretty cool too, neon neon killed it friday night, as did santogold & spank rock saturday afternoon, kevin barnes excellent take on "shakedown street" at club deville may have been the most unexpected treat of the weekend, except of course, for the amazing peelander-z show that followed it next door, that shit was insane, also, zooey deschanel was utterly captivating in person, yet m. ward's guitar playing was so good i think he managed to somehow upstage even her, & the best show i saw all weekend had to be dr. dog at emo's annex saturday night, they just blew it out, but the best time may have been dark meat at the vice after party later that night, who i'm pretty sure were on acid...there you go, one long run on sentence...doesn't quite capture how great a time it really was, but i've gotta go watch georgia upset xavier...before that though, i just really wanted to thank my partner dg here for the hook up all weekend, i had an absolute blast, hopefully he'll have some nice pics up soon...thank god for kababalicious.

download: dark meat - freedom ritual

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