April 4, 2008

lolla leaked

all you folks who forked over hundreds of dollars for lollapalooza tickets this year, before actually knowing who'd be performing, can rest easy...last night, jim derogatis got the jump on everyone, by announcing a handful of confirmed artists, including radiohead, nine inch nails, rage against the machine, the raconteurs, kanye west & wilco as headliners...other notable additions include stephen malkmus, broken social scene, gnarls barkley, the black keys, the cool kids, grizzly bear, cat power, & jamie lidell, who's upcoming ep, jim, i've been jamming to all morning...the full lineup will officially be announced monday, & then we can wait to see how the schedule fucks everything up.

download: jamie lidell - wait for me
download: jamie lidell - where d'you go

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