April 3, 2008

stevie wonder - live at the rainbow, 1974

apparently stevie wonder is heading back to town this summer to play a free show at the taste of chicago on saturday, june 28th...what a clusterfuck that'll be...it might still be worth it to check him out though, or to even make the trip up to milwaukee a couple nights earlier & pay for a seat when he plays summerfest, cause even though he doesn't open up with 20 minute funk jams anymore, he still puts on a pretty amazing show...this one was recorded almost 35 years ago at the rainbow theatre in london for a live album that was ultimately scratched...the tags say 02/24/74, but according to NME it was actually recorded in january...whatever, it's fantastic.

download: stevie wonder's rainbow concert.zip

01. contusion
02. higher ground
03. superwoman
04. to know you is to love you
05. signed, sealed, delivered
06. visions
07. don't you worry 'bout a thing
08. living for the city
09. you are the sunshine of my life
10. superstition
11. lot of my dreams


dg said...

great show...can't remember where it came from

xtianDC said...

Finally getting a chance to listen to this. AMAZING! Some seriously funky ass !@#$! Thanks so much for sharing! 70's Stevie = could do NO wrong!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the funky groves

saw him around then at SIU

many of the same songs

this is a great concert !

: )