April 19, 2008

Prime Parking

As we saw the tail end of the Park The Van showcase at SXSW all of the bands playing mentioned from stage how much they loved the label and everyone on it. I kind of brushed this off not really being familiar with anyone besides Dr. Dog and Spinto Band. I've since realized what a great thing Park The Van has going. They truly have a distinguishable sound to their artists which i really love. It establishes a trust with the listener and makes you realize that someone in control there has great ears (or at least very similar tastes to you). Without further ado a couple great artists that are new (for me at least) that have been in heavy rotation....especially Seth....well bonus points for Pepi too, such a unique sound she has.

Download: Pepi Ginsberg - The Waterline
Download: Golden Boots - Days Are Nights
Download: Seth Kauffman - Absolute Sway


Anonymous said...

thanks for PEPI!!!!

Anonymous said...

yah man, this label has been putting some solids together!