April 9, 2008

prince at the ritz, 1981

damn...prince has just been pegged to headline coachella at the end of the month...he was the one guy i was really hoping would play lollapalooza this year...not that the current lineup isn't solid, but as far as the big names go, nine inch nails & rage against the machine don't really do it for me anymore, & i'm a little bummed that radiohead won't be closing things out (they're set to play friday night)...oh well, i posted this show a while back, but nobody really grabbed it, so i thought i'd put it up here again...recorded at the ritz in nyc, during the dirty mind tour, this shit is amazing.

download: prince, 03.21.81.zip

01. do it all night
02. why you anna treat me so bad?
03. gotta broken heart again
04. broken
05. when you were mine
06. gotta stop (messin about)
07. sexy dancer
08. sister
09. i wanna be your lover
10. head
11. still waiting


Drunk Country said...

Quite Fucking Right. That Shit IS Amazing. Nice post. It's about '81 I started listening to Prince proper & it's quite astonishing how tight the band was even back then. Cheers for the great find.

Mon-sewer Paul Regret said...

Thanks for this. Saw him eight days later and have never forgotten it.