April 8, 2008

steely dan at the record plant, 1974

steely dan added a few more dates to their summer tour yesterday, including a chicago theatre show on july 15th (tickets on sale saturday)...it's no five nights at the beacon, but i guess it'll do for us midwest kids...it's pretty remarkable that the dan have been touring consistently for the last three years (& somewhat regularly for the past 15) after shunning the road completely during their prime...they're still as tight as ever, but check out this live radio recording from the record plant in l.a. on march 20, 1974, that coincided with the release of pretzel logic (& features a band comprised of skunk baxter, denny dias & michael mcdonald, among others)...incredible...unfortunately, about 3 months later, donald fagen & walter becker decided to quit touring for almost twenty years...oh well, i guess it's nice to see them making up for lost time.

download: steely dan, 03.20.74.zip

01. bodhisattva
02. the boston rag
03. do it again
04. any major dude will tell you
05. king of the world
06. rikki don't lose that number
07. pretzel logic
08. your gold teeth II
09. reelin' in the years
10. this all too mobile home

related: rolling stone is reporting that walter becker will release circus money, "the long-awaited follow-up to his amazing album from ‘94", on june 10th....i'm not exactly sure i'd call 11 tracks of whack, his only previous solo effort "amazing", but it does have a couple nice tracks, including this easy going number that starts it off.

download: walter becker - down in the bottom


Anonymous said...

Great thanks, a must-have for any Steely Dan fan!

Adam said...

It might just be my connection, but I haven't been able to download this all day. It will only make it to about 30% and then freeze up for good.

Hoops said...

Priceless. You oughta be knighted for posting this.

shoofirbin said...

this is such a kickin version of king of the world.

Anonymous said...

show is also available in FLAC (lossless) check: http://qualityboots.blogspot.com/2008/05/steely-dan-los-angeles-1974-pre-fm.html