April 17, 2008

sun kil moon - april

not sure why it took me so long to actually sit down & listen to april, the new sun kil moon album that came out a few weeks ago...maybe i knew that when i did, i'd be stuck in some sort of melancholy haze for most of the day...there's something about those slow & soft fuzzy guitars that mix perfectly with mark kozelek's mellow croon that just kind of wraps me up...granted, this one isn't quite as accessible as 2003's incredible ghosts of the great highway, & the absence of a couple heavier, catchier tunes leads to a somewhat monotonous flow, but it's still a great listen...& it's absolutely perfect for a rainy day (or a day when you're stuck inside an office & trying to ignore the fact that it's 70 degrees & sunny outside)...mark kozelek's got solo shows coming up at the old town school of folk on june 8th & at turner hall in milwaukee on june 7th...if you're going, prepare to be shushed.

download: sun kil moon - the light
download: sun kil moon - tonight the sky

related: if you're unfamiliar with mark kozelek's music (sun kil moon, red house painters), you may recognize him as stillwater's drummer in almost famous or as pretty much a version of himself in steve martin's underrated shopgirl...ahh, useless knowledge.


xtianDC said...

i'm a little bit obsessed with this album at the moment. And "Ghosts of the Great Highway", to which this has inspired me to return. Oddly enough, SKM is providing a good soundtrack to the first week of real spring weather without really bumming me out.

Anonymous said...

I can still remember buying Ghosts and not being too impressed at first but then I liked it more and more. This one isn't grabbing me yet, maybe it will, maybe it won't but I'm not feeling it...which sucks because I was looking really forward to it.


Julio Enriquez said...

this album makes me wish it were winter again ...enjoying the cold with a well lit candle and a bottle of makers....this album makes me feel super nostalgic....fucking great stuff...