April 16, 2008

"sweeter than the honey from the honeycomb"

"Right now I'm down with Honey Nut Cheerios because that's what Omar eats on The Wire. I don't know if you're a Wire fan, but on the show Omar travels far and wide and risks getting killed just to get a box of Honey Nuts. So I like to think it keeps me connected to the streets." -amy poehler (via vulture)

download: chairmen of the board - so glad you're mine

related: sure, amy poehler's hilarious, but kristen wiig has been absolutely killing it this season on snl...anyone catch her & will forte's "spaceships, toddlers, model t cars, & jars of beer" sketch a few weeks back? why that shit's not up on hulu, i have no idea.

unrelated: the wire may be history, but sleazeball reporter scott tempelton has just directed a new movie (the follow up to his impressive debut, the station agent) that the thighmaster is calling the best of the year so far...& it stars richard jenkins, who was the best part of david o. russell's excellent flirting with disaster.

unrelated: speaking of history (how bout that transition), if you haven't been tuning into paul giamati's & laura linney's respectively exaggerated & understated performances in john adams, hbo will be airing the previous six installments back to back, leading up to the finale this sunday...spoiler alert; john adams was cranky.

unrelated: okay, i'll admit it, the whole honey nut cheerios - "sweeter than the honey from the honeycomb" lyrics thing is a pretty weak, but i've been listening to this 1972 chairmen of the board album, bittersweet, for the past couple days, & i can't get that song out of my head...here's a couple more great tracks from it.

download: chairmen of the board - i'm a sign of changing times
download: chairmen of the board - bittersweet

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Anonymous said...

Kristen Wiig is not only amazing but easy on the eyes!!!!