April 22, 2008

talking heads at heatwave, 1980

amidst the incredible news last week that david byrne & brian eno will be collaborating on a new album & tour before the end of the year, i thought i'd post this talking heads show from the heatwave music festival...recorded in ontario during the summer of 1980, this was the first show to feature an expanded band (that included adrian belew, bernie worell, & nona hendryx among others) as well as the first to feature material from the group's forthcoming album, remain in light, which was their third & final collaboration with eno (not counting my life in the bush of ghosts, of course, released the following year)...unfortunately, the soundboard cuts out at the end of "take me to the river" & the final 40 seconds or so is from an alternate audience source, but aside from that slight annoyance, the performance is funky & energetic & a great indication of the monster the band would become on the road over the next three years.
download: talking heads, 08.23.80.zip
01. psycho killer
02. warning sign
03. stay hungry
04. cities
05. i zimbra
06. once in a lifetime
07. houses in motion
08. born under punches
09. crosseyed and painless
10. life during wartime
11. take me to the river
12. take me to the river (cont.)
related: as if brooklynites haven't benefited enough in recent weeks (david byrne appearances at both the paul simon b.a.m. series & the stay awake anniversary concert), it appears that the tom tom club will be playing mccarren park pool with devo on june 26th (one of only three scheduled u.s. appearances)...yeah, i'm jealous.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Thank you so much! I was always so jealous of my friend Ev for having an old copy of "The Name of This Is..." on vinyl. Ever since they finally released it on CD I've been trying to dig up more shows to hear that crazy Adrian Belew squeel (among everything else that made this line-up awesome). Thanks again!

Heli0tr0pe said...

Daaayumn -- a hard one to find, any way to re-up this show? Pleeease? Thanks!