June 12, 2008

cosby sweaters!

only five grand?

download: quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky-burr
download: bill cosby - bunions
download: bill cosby - mouth of the fish
download: bill cosby - dope pusher

related: "hikky-burr", recorded in 1969, was the theme song to the bill cosby show & a few years ago the original sessions that produced it were released for the first time...featuring players like jimmy smith, milt jackson, eddie harris & les mcann messing around on a couple super funky jams just for the hell of it...here are a couple takes from it...so good.

download: quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky-burr (kincaid kinfolk)
download: quincy jones & bill cosby - groovy gravy

related: dusty grove recently rereleased the fantastic 1971 (uni) lp, bill cosby presents badfoot brown & the bunions bradford funeral & marching band, featuring a 2,000 word essay written by cosby himself...however the 1972 (sussex) lp of the same name, which is a completely different, yet equally astounding, album that includes two of the songs posted above ("bunions" & "mouth of the fish") is still out of print...for more information on the legendary comedian's musical career, check out the funky 16 corners bill cosby page.

related: still no update on that rap album.

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