June 12, 2008

something for all of us...

so apparently, after an umastered version of something for all of us... leaked last week, brendan canning & the folks over at arts & crafts reluctantly decided to go ahead & release the album digitally...understandably, canning was pretty upset, especially after waiting so long for an opportunity in the spotlight...but on the flipside, his fans have got to be stoked that they don't have to wait another six weeks for the hard copy to drop...i know i am...& what makes all of this so much better is that the album is sensational...picking up right where kevin drew left off, canning leads his bandmates through propulsive workouts that are as engaging as anything they've released on a proper broken social scene record, but also manages to lighten the chaos a little without losing the unrestrained energy...he eases up on the reverb as well, creating a cleaner sound, & incorporates an afrobeat groove (ala talking heads) into "love is new" that is just sick...the album does drift off into some lo-fi ambiance towards the end, but surprisingly, it doesn't seem to disrupt the overall flow...regardless of how canning pictured this record being released, he should rest easy knowing that the final product is one of the year's best...pick it up here.

download: brendan canning - churches under the stairs
download: brendan canning - love is new

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