October 4, 2008

1977, on the radio

it's no secret that fm radio stations have been dying a slow death for the past couple years, what with the internet, satellite, & the fact that everyone & their mother owns an ipod to compete with...but for some reason i seem to be turning the dial more than ever lately, whether it's classic rock, sports, news, whatever...it's probably mostly out of convenience, but it also doesn't hurt that chicago's got a couple really good stations...one in particular is wxrt, who despite their ridiculous penchant for playing smash mouth songs on a regular basis, continues to provide listeners with some of the best programs around...my favorite, when i'm actually awake to hear it, is saturday morning flashback, which finds dj wendy rice mixing choice cuts from individual years with lightly scattered pop culture rants from some of the other xrt personalities...this morning's year was 1977 & i couldn't get enough...just check out a couple of these great tracks she played...& then go put them on your ipod & continue ignoring commercial radio until it completely fades away.

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candace said...

'Lin's Bin' is always a good segment too.