October 3, 2008


so, this new one from blitzen trapper just may be the best album to come out all year...& while most of the record is immersed in the familiarity of late 60's/early 70's roots rock, it really doesn't come off as a throwback...it's genuine...the songs stay with you, they aren't overworked, & they beg to be played over & over...it actually kind of reminds me of one of those albums you discover on your own, years after it's been released, & your amazed that you've never heard it before, & you think you've stumbled upon this great lost record...but then you tell one of your friends about it, & he's like "what are you talking about, of course i've heard that album, it's awesome", & you're kind of embarrassed, because, of course it is...blitzen trapper play schubas on november 9th.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic album. Not often (especially now) that you find a great album that you can enjoy the whole CD without skipping a song.

a Tart said...

aww geeze, i just posted on my blog about this band after you turned me onto them, and now i realize i put up the exact same songs you did, doh! apologies man. great minds think alike :) xoxo