November 21, 2008


i really like these new progress report posts from stereogum...mostly because it seems like such an obvious idea for a recurring feature, but also because the first one focused on midlake, who's last album remains one of my favorites of the past three years...unfortunately, as far as actual progress goes, it doesn't appear that the boys from denton have made much since sitting down with rolling stone at the beginning of the year, but what do i know...they did offer up a couple new influences to go along with gene clark & jethro tull, & while i'm not the biggest incredible string band fan, i do like me some fairport convetion...anyway, let's keep our fingers crossed for 2009.

download: jethro tull - song for jeffery (bbc sessions)

related: the second feature, on andrew bird, was much better, & actually increased my expectations for his new album...but not as much as this remarkable take on "sectionate city" (a track from his 2007 ep, soldier on), performed live in nigel godrich's basement, did.

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Joe said...

i happen to be looking very midlake right now