December 10, 2008


you gotta wonder how he does it night after night, year after year...neil young seemed to pour himself into every single moment of last night's show at the half empty allstate arena...whether picking at an acoustic guitar, sitting solo at a pipe organ, or absolutely wailing away on old black (his 1953 les paul), the man flat out would be easy to complain about the setlist dropping off as the night went on, with quite a few unknown tunes grouped together after the acoustic section (actually, would have been a good time to grab a beer if they were allowed on the floor), but even those songs hit home, almost due to the sheer passion of the man singing them...& then the double closer was just lights out...i'm really not sure any encore could have lived up to those last two rockers, so i wasn't really let down when last night's didn't...but i was still pretty bummed the show was over, as it was really fucking cold outside & a long walk to the car...luckily neil had heated things up pretty good.

love and only love
hey hey, my my
everybody knows this is nowhere (download)
spirit road
cortez the killer
cinnamon girl
oh, lonesome me
mother earth
the needle and the damage done
unknown legend (download)
heart of gold
get back to the country
just singing a song
sea change
when worlds collide
cowgirl in the sand (download)
rockin' in the free world
a day in the life

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