December 9, 2008

letters to santa

i couldn't really understand why wilco were given the night off as neil young's supporting act for their hometown stop (though obviously, mr. mac rebannack ain't a bad alternative)...maybe neil thought they'd like to spend some extra time with their families, or get into the loft & lay down a couple tracks, but it appears the real reason may be that jeff tweedy had to gear up for a prior engagement...for the third year in a row, tweedy will close out second city's annual 24 hour letters to santa fundraiser, & most likely auction off a couple private gigs in the if you've got an entire day to burn, the show starts tonight at 9 with tickets going at the door for only $20...for the rest of us, here's one of those private shows (performed in the highest bidder's living room) from last year's event.

01. intro
04. gun
29. tuning
44. elt

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