December 8, 2008

"billy drinks from a straw...what a surprise"

my brother & i caught the smashing pumpkins at the aragon last night...& while i wouldn't really call myself a diehard fan, i was pretty into their first couple albums back in the day (& actually really like that zwan record for some reason, too), after hearing some not so great things about the current tour, i was a little surprised by how much i dug the show, especially some of the newer, unreleased numbers, which incorporated acoustic guitars with a full horn section...obviously, there were highs & lows, but the thing that i found most remarkable throughout the evening was that while the songs seemed to vary rather extremely (from long, heavy jams to solo ballads), you could always tell they came from the same talented guy...a guy who was wearing a skirt (& who my brother noticed last night, "drinks from a straw"), but's the setlist.

download: smashing pumpkins - 99 floors (10.26.08)
download: smashing pumpkins - owata (10.26.08)

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Anonymous said...

A straw? Really? I didn't notice that but it doesn't surprise me. Great show either way. Hey, how did you record those two acoustic songs? I'd love a copy.