February 3, 2009

gene ween at the tonic room

so, dave mentioned this, but about a hundred of us crammed into the tonic room friday night for an incredibly intimate evening of music with the one & only gene ween...& the guy was literally all smiles all night, giggling after each song, messing around with the crowd, doing the harmonica thing "for the first time", opening with the first tune he ever learned to play on guitar (side 1, track 1), singing a fucking acappella prince medley...it was just surreal...& i think dave summed up the night perfectly when he said after the show, "i've finally got something to tell my grandkids about"...he was serious...huge thanks again to joe c. for hooking us up...we had the best time.

tell me why [neil young]
she wanted to leave
baby bitch
oh my dear (download)
marble tulip juicy tree
buckingham green
birthday boy
don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy
the grobe
chocolate town
tried and true (abandoned)
stay forever (download)
tried and true (abandoned again)
your party (w/ saxaphone)
pork roll egg and cheese (what?)
the mollusk
what deaner was talkin' about
-smoke break-
the beautiful ones [prince] (acappella)
if i was your girlfriend [prince] (acappella)
purple rain [prince] (acappella)
the blarney stone
adore [prince] (acappella)
polka dot tale
gener's gone
help me scrape the mucus off my brain (download)
right to the ways and the rules of the world

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